What to Expect

Based on your specific functional complaint, the doctor will evaluate your condition thoroughly before recommending the appropriate treatment to meet your individual goals.

The doctor will discuss in detail what is going on, how she plans to help by utilizing the best form of diagnostic tools and treatment, and how long it may take.

A customized home stretch and exercise routine will also be given to help with long-term stress/muscle tension management. Dr. Renee emphasizes the importance of corrective rehabilitative exercises and stretches based upon each individual’s daily personal and occupational strains to reduce the reoccurrence of musculoskeletal pain and injuries.


In 2008 I had an injury at work that resulted in 2 right shoulder surgeries in less than 4 months. I was a previous athlete, in good shape, and even after completing the physical therapy, I experienced pain doing everyday activities. Before returning to work, I went back to my surgeon who told me I would need to change my lifestyle and find ways to limit certain movements going forward to limit the discomfort. I accepted the news and began pursuing new passions, careers, and ways of doing things. With each year, the discomfort continued to get worse and my limits reduced.

In 2019 I decided I was going to get another opinion as I was getting older. I had an MRI & went back to my surgeon who diagnosed me with Quadrilateral Space Syndrome. He said there was nothing he could do, but recommend stretching and more therapy. I sought a second opinion that said the same and offered to run more tests to confirm the diagnosis. I had just paid for 2 office visits and an MRI to be told there was nothing that could be done.

I was at the gym one day when someone asked me if I had heard about Graston. I hadn’t and they recommended I visit Dr. Renee Fleming for an evaluation. I had no idea what Graston even was but here is what I learned: Is it Worth It? YES – I wish I had tried this before going to see if another surgery was needed! Did you have to keep going as they say with most Chiropractors? Yes, but that’s because I gained a range of motion and a decrease in pain with each visit! If you have to keep going, that’s expensive, right? Compare a few visits verse seeing an orthopedic, it is actually cheaper and at your convenience! Does it hurt? Some – Dr. Renee is great at working within your pain tolerance and understanding areas that are sensitive to the treatment. If your experiencing pain, I encourage you to make Dr. Renee your first appointment; not your last!


As a patient of Dr. Renee from the moment I started to see her, I knew she always had my best interest in mind with my treatments. I personally never knew what relief I was missing out on until she started treating me. A couple of years ago I was in a car accident that left me with severe headaches and TMJ issues. I immediately knew I needed to go see Dr. Renee.  It was the best choice I could have made! The treatments we went through together (yes together because she connects with every patient and treats them accordingly) helped me overcome my pain.  I had constant headaches, ear pain, was unable to speak properly because my jaw was so shifted and I could barely chew my food because of the pain. I even had people who didn’t know me that could see how crooked my jaw was just from talking, that’s how severe my case was. We spent 2-3 days a week for several weeks together doing treatments, at times I wanted to cry from the pain but I can honestly say after every appointment I felt the relief I needed. She has the strength of a Sumo wrestler yet her touch is so gentle that it leaves you feeling the best you have ever felt. After a few weeks of treatment, she recommended that I get a night guard to keep my jaw in place as well as stabilizing it after each adjustment, so while I was sleeping I would not grind my teeth and counteract the treatment I just received. Dr. Renee knew exactly what treatment I needed and I could not have gotten the pain relief without her help. I no longer have headaches, my ear pain is gone, my jaw is functioning as it should be, I have a normal bite again which makes talking and eating enjoyable again. Without the treatment from Dr. Renee I know I would not be able to say this.


After knee surgery and stem cell injections, I was still experiencing severe knee pain and constant swelling that caused me to not be able to do any physical activity. Even going up the stairs was horrible. I was referred to Dr. Renee from a friend that told me about Graston and how it may be able to help. I saw Dr. Renee one time a week for about a month and can say that it was the best decision that I ever made. I can now go up and down stairs without pain, go on long walks without difficulty or swelling after, and have also started working out again with weights. She taught me exercises and stretches to do at home to improve my condition every day on my own.


Dr. Renee has helped me with foot pain that I have had for years in just a few visits. I am not a small person and Renee can adjust my back without any problem. Renee is fair and always helpful. Most of all, she will not rush a visit. She will fix the problem.


Dr. Renee, thank you so much for helping my daughter with her chronic hip pain. She dealt with 4+ years of hip pain, doctor’s appointments, tests, injections, etc. and finally says she’s pain-free-thanks to you.


Dr. Fleming’s Graston Technique treatments have improved my daily activity. This treatment provided more comfort and rehabilitation for carpal tunnel than my initial surgery allowed.


Other Testimonials

Now that I receive regular treatments with Dr. Fleming, my overall physical health has improved. I see Renee for adjustments and Graston treatments and would recommend her to my family and friends. 


I took a 3-day trek up the volcano, Mt. Ngauruhoe; it was most spectacular, but what has been the most amazing is how well my body was able to handle the adventure, hiking, and heavy gear. I’ve even strapped my yoga mat and yoga block to my pack to be able to do my exercises! Because of your work, the adjustments you gave me, and educating me on my body and the PT I needed, I’ve been able to do treks like this, carrying 35+lbs with minimal pain. Thank you for everything.


Dr. Renee has changed my quality of life. I’m a personal trainer and me workout consistently. No matter what my ailments are those weeks, Dr. Renee has a solution. She has a repertoire of progressive, effective tools in her pocket to treat anything that hurts. I always leave Dr. Renee’s office knowing I received 100% of her attention and my body is pain-free.


Amazing work I won’t go anywhere else.